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Rack Top Cable Exit Enclosure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000030961D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-02
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Rack Top Cable Exit Enclosure

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Rack Top Cable Exit Enclosure

Disclosed is a device for allowing cables to exit from the top of an ITE (Information Technology Equipment) product frame enclosure, designed to meet the requirements of product safety and EMC standards. Compliance with product safety standards requires that openings in the top of an enclosure be such that propagation of fire outside of the equipment will not occur. Furthermore, the design provide a solution to minimize contaminants from falling into the ITE product from overhead. EMI emissions are supressed with the application of the cable exit enclosure through the use of form fitting EMC gasket material to minimize the cable openings/aperature.

    Various product safety standards (such as IEC 60950, Safety of Information Technology Equipment) call for openings in the top of an enclosure to be so located or constructed that it is unlikely that objects will enter the opening and create hazards. These standards in many cases are tied to legal/regulatory requirements at the local or national level. In a datacenter (or similar) environment, there may be cases where water (or other liquid) pipes are run above the ITE product. This design also minimizes the ingress of liquid into the top openings of the frame, while allowing the cables to properly exit.

    The concept presented here is to provide an easily manufacturable cable exit enclosure to mate to an existing frame.

An example of the cable exit enclosure concept is shown in the figure.