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A Method of On-Demand Building of Multi Language Font Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031001D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-06
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Multi Language Font offers several tens of thousands of characters. Manipulating Multi Language Font requires heavy CPU load for computing systems, and significant workload for computer users. This invention devises a new method of on-demand building of Multi Language font which is easy to use for user. By using the method, it'll also become possible to develop and maintain Multi Language font effectively. As for a technical approach, this method uses the mechanism of Windows FontLinking. It is concluded the combination of Windows FontLinking and a building method newly devised in this report is practical for the solution.

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A Method of On-Demand Building of Multi Language Font

Disclosed is a method of On-Demand Building of Multi Language font which allows computer users to select language modules as the occasion demands and build user unique font using the mechanism of FontLinking on Windows System. This method enables users to build required font on-demand, and in the most effective way. (Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.)

Problem of Multi Language Font

There are some problems associated with Multi Language Font now.

A True Type font can include up to 65535 characters in it, because internal glyph ID parameter is 2 bytes. While Unicode V4.0 already defined more than 90,000 characters. Font supplier cannot offer all Unicode characters with one TrueType font anymore. Unicode is still growing and is scheduled for adding more characters hereafter. National standards, such as JIS, GB, have been continually extended and changed. Besides it, users and application supplier request their own easy-to-use subset fonts. Because of the above reasons, Font supplier need continual maintenance work forever . It is really necessary to establish the method to maintain Multi Language Font easily.

A Method of OnDemand Building of Multi Language Font

This method enables users to build an effective on-demand font in the following approach.

Supply fonts for each Language Modules

Font Supplier divides a huge Multi language font into each language modules, and offers each them in the format of TrueType font.

Automatic Font Combining





A Base font is automatically generated

This method automatically generates Base Font.

In the mechanism of FontLinking, user need to specify/select the font name of base font in application. This method allows user to specify the user unique name.

Following is characteristics of a base font - Base font has only Latin characters. - Base font has tables and cmaps - Base font can have a user-unique font name - Base font has 2 kind of cmaps (format4, and format12)

Current FontLinking of Windows does not allo...