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Monitoring applications trough multi-tab window Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031013D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-06
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Some applications need to handle more than one execution thread. In this article i propose a way to easily monitor these threads status in amulti-tab application.

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Monitoring applications trough multi-tab window

Suppose you have to build one application to handle several logical dinstinct sub-applications. One of the most easy and common solution to this situation is to build a multi-tab application. You can easily switch from one application to the other clicking on the related tab.

    Suppose these applications can start some thread. You could launch one activity in one tab, than switch to another tab to perform some other activity.

    The problem is that, in this way, you are loosing information concerning the status of the previous application. While you have one tab active, you cease having feedback of the status of the other sub-applications.
(i.e.: you cannot know allication1's status unless you click on application1's tab)

    An easy way to solve this problem is to to use the widely known, commonly used progression bars in the way explained below.

    Placing a progress-bar on the tabs of the window would allow the user to get instant feedback on the other application's progress status, without the need of browsing trought the tabs....

    Even when the focus is on another tab, the progress of the tasks launched trough the other sub-applications could be easily monitored.


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Being an effective solution to a high level problem, it would be suitable for many environments.


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