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Node Assembly Station Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031034D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-07
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Described is a device used by manufacturing to assemble, deliver and install the logical node containing the logic and associated cooling system.

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Node Assembly Station

This device is an assembly, transport, and installation tool that is portable and can be in close proximity or further away as the case may require. It provides a simple but sturdy platform that has multiple positions affording the assembly person the flexibility to be able to assemble the node with ease. The node can be turned allowing top assembly as well as bottom assembly. Due to the weight of the node the tool has been designed to allow movement without the danger of dropping or causing excessive strain on the assembler during assembly. Once the assembly is completed the node is taken to the system using the same tool for installation. This eliminates the need for a transport tool. The Node Assembly Tool is also designed with the capability to articulate, using fine adjustments, so that the node can be installed without binding or danger damaging peripheral or connecting parts. This tool has been designed to have the capability to also remove nodes, when the need arises. The reason for removal would be to repair a defect or to remove a node after it has been tested in a test cell. Again. due to it's portability the tool can be used in any area where it is required. The Node Assembly Tool is a unique tool because there are no other tools available today with the same capability. Hard copy drawings are available per request.