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Enhanced tool to facilitate the use of the 'Search For' utility in z/OS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031039D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-07
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A program is disclosed that assists with the editing of a sequential file or of z/OS partitioned dataset members. An existing z/OS utility, ISRSUPC, is invoked in a new way. The program invokes the ISRSUPC utility and displays the listing. The user can edit members based on cursor position within the listing.

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Enhanced tool to facilitate the use of the 'Search For' utility in z /OS

This program has been implemented as a rexx program that runs on z/OS and uses Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) dialog services.

IBM provides the 'search for' utility, ISRSUPC, with the z/OS system. That utility searches for the specified text in sequential and partitioned datasets. The utility provides a list of the occurrences of the search text. Often, the next step is to read the listing and to manually edit the datasets. This program assists with the editing of a dataset by starting the edit of the selected member and by showing only the pertinent text within the member.

1. The program can be called as a line command. In this series of screen snapshots, a dataset named 'pedro.ispf.clist' is searched for a text string of 'sort'. In Figure 1, the program is invoked from ISPF option 3.4, with the command being typed on the same line as the dataset name.

The program requires two parameters:
a) dataset name: The dataset can be a partitioned dataset or a sequential dataset.
b) target string: Specify any text. It is delimited by a blank. You can also specify a hex value by using hex notation, ie. X'3235'

Four optional parameters are supported:

PREFIX - A keyword that causes the search to be only for word prefixes.

WORD - A keyword that causes the search to be only for whole words. VOLUME(volid) - A parameter that identifies the volume of an uncataloged dataset. MEMBER(filter_list) - A parameter that identifies which members of a PDS to search. The filter_list is a list of member names separated by blanks or commas. The names can include wildcard characters to select multiple members.

Some sample commands: