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HDD Carriage to Crash Stop Interface Design Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031094D
Publication Date: 2004-Sep-10
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Disclosed is an invention of a critical feature on Carriage at the Crash Stop touch interface. This feature is used to protect the head from contacting the disk due to high actuator deceleration caused by high speed actuator to crash stop impact.

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HDD Carriage to Crash Stop Interface Design

Traditional solution to protect the HDD from such damage has not been possible to implement due to space limitation with in the HDD. Therefore additional solutions like the one discussed in this disclosure is required to reduce the deceleration of the actuator.

This invention reveals a technique of modifying the interface discussed above on Carriage as shown in the following figures below. Dimensions a, b & c are experimental/theoretical values for the allowable actuator deceleration and CS compression .

Disclosed by Hitachi Corporation


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