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Keeping historical context in an instant messaging chat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031128D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-13
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Historical Context for chat sessions

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Keeping historical context in an instant messaging chat

Often, instant messaging chat sessions are used for ongoing business or technical disucssions, some last over the course of many days. However, if the chat client is closed or shut down on a computer, a chat session is finished. As the discussion continues after these events, reference is made to transcripts of previous chat sessions, but there is no longer the ease of scrolling back up the chat session to refer to an earlier discussion point.

This idea introduces historical context to chat sessions. A user could pick up an ongoing chat by opening the last transcript within a chat window and then connecting to the correspondent, who would also get the transcript pulled into his chat session.

This could be implemented in the following way:
1. chat transcript is saved in the "normal" way (currently with sametime this is just a flat text file).
2. add new menu item to a instant messaging client to "open previous chat"
3. menu choice opens up a menu to select chat transcript.
4. user finds chat transcript and opens it by double-clicking.
5. messaging client scans transcript for correspondent names.
6. client opens up chat window with correspondent; loads transcript into session for both parties to see.
7. if user chooses to save this new updated transcript, is given the option to save it as the same file the user opened.