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Method for Displaying DHCP Address Information for Network Managed Machines Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031137D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-14
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This method allows for easy determination of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) addresses for network managed machines. Many enterprise level servers allow system management via the network. Usually, these machines support both static and dynamic IP (DHCP) address configuration for their management network ports. It is common practice to have the machine's management ports default to DHCP until the user configures the static internet protocol (IP) address for their specific site local area network. In order to configure the static IP address, the user must connect to the machine physically, i.e. using the machine's serial port, or over the network, using a DHCP address. There are problems with both methods. The first method requires the user to have a physical connection, i.e. serial cable, to another machine which is configured to connect and communicate over serial connections. The user must use this second machine to change the IP address settings. The second method (network) requires the user know the hardware address of the network managment adapter and somehow figure out which DHCP address it picked up, which can be very time consuming in an environment with a large number of DHCP clients.

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Method for Displaying DHCP Address Information for Network Managed Machines

This method assumes, and utilizes, the fact that a small display panel is attached to the front of the server. Initially, when the machine is first plugged in, codes are flashed on the panel indicating the checkpoints in the firmware IPL (Intial Program Load) process. After completion, the panel usually has a default display of "OK" or something else, depending on the machine. This document suggests that the panel can be used to display the DHCP address assigned to the network management adapter, thus allowing users to easily know what IP address to connect to for configuration. The method basically works by having the firmware update the panel with it's DHCP address as soon as the network management port is plugged in and DHCP address attained. For those machines that allow scrolling, the original information can be displayed and the scroll buttons can be used to scroll to the DHCP IP address information. Figure 1 shows an example of how the information can be displayed using the front display of a server.

Figure 1


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