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Ergonomic Keyboard with Integrated TrackPoint Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031269D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-20
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This article describes a form and function of a keyboard that integrates the IBM TrackPoint mouse with an ergonomic (split and elevated) keyboard.

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Ergonomic Keyboard with Integrated TrackPoint Device

Disclosed is a device that integrates a fingertip-operated pointing device with an ergonomic (split and elevated) keyboard. As part of a split left-right keyboard (visualize, for example, the Microsoft Natural Keyboard), an IBM TrackPoint cluster or touch pad would be integrated such that it could be positioned to be operated either by the left or the right hand.

The TrackPoint cluster (the TrackPoint stick itself, and the three buttons), for example, would ride on a simple track that would allow it to slide left or right such that it could locate itself very closely to either hand. The gap between left and right hands on a typical ergonomic keyboard tends to be an inch or more, rendering a static, center-mounted TrackPoint too far from either hand to be useful. This sliding mechanism would allow the TrackPoint cluster to be placed comfortably for either left or right handed peope.