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Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-20
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The present publication discloses a method for simplifying the customization phase of the software application TIVOLI STORAGE MANAGER (TSM) once this software is installed on a server. The TSM commands for performing the customization have multiple parameters and options which depend on the hardware, on the backup and archive functions (retentions, versions, etc.) and on the versions which are using different syntaxes. The present method intends to accelerate and make the customization easier.

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Background of the invention

The software application IBM TIVOLI STORAGE MANAGER is often implemented for customers outsourced by a service provider. The operation of customization by the service provider can take a lot of time. Many hours may be necessary to write very long commands including many parameters, and to integer these commands into the TSM server without syntax errors. Avoiding errors increases the time required for installing and customizing the software application. Nowadays, the installation is manually performed and consists in collecting information and parameters that are used all along the software set-up or customization. The step of collecting information is generally called the "build". Appropriate TSM commands are defined based on the customers' needs in term of number of backup/archive versions, in term of retention periods values,
... The TSM Administrators or IT (Information Technology) specialists translate the customers' needs into configuration parameters. It results in many commands (many lines) to write and execute. The number of commands is proportional to the customers' needs, in term of backup/archive. In a complex environment implementing several different ERP (Enterprise Resource Program) activities on multiple different computer systems (such as DEVELOPMENT, QUALIFICATION, PRODUCTION), the number of associated TSM commands to write and execute on the TSM server is multiplied accordingly. The number of TSM commands to execute also increases depending on the different backup/archive policies requested by the customer for the different activities previously described (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, ... backup/archive). One solution is to write into a file all the commands one after the other. However, the risk of typing errors significantly slowdowns the "Build" activity. This solution consists in running a "TSM macro file". The configuration of a TSM server generally requests at least one or two weeks. With the present solution, the time required for an equivalent "build" activity can be divided by 5 at least.

Description of the invention

The object of the present invention is to easily generate TSM commands with the right parameters according to the selected environment. The problem, for the TSM Administrator who receives the customer specifications, is to translate these specifications into valid TSM parameters. The present solution proposes the use of WORKSHEETS (like Microsoft Excel) to take benefits of the built-in functions offered by this software program.

    On one hand, some TSM parameters are very simple and can be used "as-is" in TSM commands. On...