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Slotted Board Spring Member Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031317D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-21
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A motherboard is slotted through around the Central Processor Unit (CPU) and the board thus acts like a spring member.

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Slotted Board Spring Member

     This invention is to allow for the flexing or bowing of a stiff motherboard about the CPU area. The board itself is to act as a spring member or for the board to be acted upon by a spring member from underneath. The invention is to slot the board through its thickness in-between adjacent CPU locations thereby allowing the board in the areas in-between the slots to flex or bend independently. This is useful in implementing the under the board spring idea as a method to decouple the weight of the heat sink from the motherboard. Slots of varying length, width and configuration would be cut through the board mechanically isolating the planned areas requiring flexure. These areas and slots would have to be tuned to deliver the right amount of deflection with a given force required so as not to adversely affect the line circuits in the board. The application of force to the board should be done in a way that does not deflect or bend the board unnecessarily. The areas and the slots would be agreed upon before any board layout could commence. See the following picture for one implementation of the invention.


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