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(RSS) Method for Visually Detemining Whether Item Has Been Scanned Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031320D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-21
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To indicate that a merchant has scanned an item purchased a border,patch near or around the barcode provides a visual indicator that the barcode has been read. This background color could be red, yellow or some other bright color that is easy to spot. As the item is scanned a means is provided to turn off the bright color ensuring the any item that still contains a barcode with a bright color was not scanned and therefore was not paid for.

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(RSS) Method for Visually Detemining Whether Item Has Been Scanned

     E - paper (A bistable display technology with long persistance) is added as a background or border to the barcode label. One color of the E- paper would be bright red or yellow which is its neutral color. The other color of the E-paper would be white or gray which contrasts with the bright color. A device is added to the scanner to provide the necessary voltage to turn the E- paper from its neutral, bright color to it's white or gray as the bar code is scanned, see figure below. Thus any item that has a tell-tale bright red or yellow tag has not been scanned. Unscanned items would be easily visible to both the shopper and store personnel. The process could also be reversed to bring the bright color back if the customer decided not to purchase the item. This is accomplished by applying a reverse voltage that restores the E- paper to it's bright, neutral color.

-/+ Polarity

This electrode may retract via spring and could be used to trigger the bar code scanner

Label Substrate

+/- Polarity

Label Altering Probe

Clear Cover

E-Paper Material

Conductive Substrate.


Bar Code Scan Indication Using E-Paper


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