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Method and abstract programming interface for multi-node system discovery, enumeration and configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031327D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-21

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There exists a family of computer systems such as IBM eServer xSeries EXA-based servers, composed of multiple nodes. Each node is a collection of computing resources (for eg. SMP or CEC) which can be connected together using connectivity ports and cables to form larger systems. These systems can also be attached to remote I/O enclosures (eg. IBM xSeries RXE-100). Hardware partitions can be configured and managed within these systems. Systems management applications (eg. IBM Director) are used to configure, administer and manage hardware platforms. Existing systems management applications have either been designed to manage single-node platforms, or are platform-specific. Systems management of multi-node systems require platform discovery, enumeration and representation of multi-node systems, and configuration of hardware partitions. A generic framework for managing multi-node systems is required that can be integrated into systems management applications. Any method identified to meet these requirements must also provide abstract programming interfaces for use by other systems management tools to operate on multi-node systems. An additional requirement is that the method should support generic multi-node system architectures (for eg. NUMA-based, etc.) Prior to the invention described in this disclosure, there existed no solution to provide a generic framework for managing multi-node systems.