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Synchronization of system clock with calendar for mobile computer user Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031365D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-22
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A system is proposed that aids users in setting the clock of a mobile computer whose owner changes time zones.

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Synchronization of system clock with calendar for mobile computer user

Mobile computer users often travel across time zones. However, unless connected to a Global Positioning System (GPS) device and additional software programming is executed, the computer system clock remains at the original location's time zone setting. Therefore, a simple and inexpensive method of keeping the user in synch with local time would be advantageous.

The proposed system enables the synchronization of a system clock setting (e.g., of a laptop) with the user's calendar, which is used to record travel destinations and durations (e.g., Lotus Notes* calendar, or the calendar function on a PDA (personal data assistant). One advantage is that this would tightly integrate the user's calendar with the system settings and simplify the user's maintenance tasks. A second advantage is that this would avoid the cost of embedding or attaching a GPS device to the laptop computer in order to obtain local time zone information.

The proposed system works as follows

User sets system clock and time zone information (e.g., Austin, Texas, Greenwich



Mean Time (GMT)+6, United States Central Time zone).

User makes travel reservation (e.g., depart AUS 10 AM Central Standard Time

(CST), arrive JFK 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on a specific date).

Travel information is entered into calendaring system. Doing so, the new location


information related to time and date is noted and a needed change in th...