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Friend-or-foe color labeling of downloaded documents from a network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031373D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-22
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Today, a very common method of data or file or program transmission is via the web. As an example, people download documentation files or data files such as spreadsheets or application programs from the network. The most common, but not exclusive method, for network downloading is the use of web browsers. Purely for the purpose of this paper, one references the download mechanism as through a web browser. Obviously, there are other methods for network downloads.

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Friend-or-foe color labeling of downloaded documents from a network

One of the problems with this ease in download is that a user can download many files during the course of the day. The different downloads may have security different implications. As an example, let's say that one starts there work week on Monday and that during the course of the week, one visits some web sites of personal interest and many more web sites for business purposes. During some of those visits, one pulls down PDF files or application programs (such as programs one would download to initiate a software upgrade from one's computer back to the server).

Then, on Thursday, a network security alert is broadcast saying that a worm is spreading that is hidden in a popularly downloaded file. Suddenly, the user (who has a directory containing all network-downloaded files) has to remember which downloaded file came from a "safe" server (internal) or while file came from an external server. Additionally, one doesn't know which was downloaded via a secure socket or which one was downloaded "in the open".

Which files does one immediately delete just to prevent a worm from infecting their computer?

What is proposed is a method of letting the user color code the icons of their downloaded files to represent the level of risk the downloaded files might have to one's computer system. Then, the user can visually and quickly determine which files came from what type of source.

First, the user can pre-de...