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Required parameters, and their enforcement, before a online chat session can be engaged. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031404D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-23
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A method to force chat initiators to introduce themselves to a chat recipient, if the chat participants are unknown to each other.

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Required parameters, and their enforcement, before a online chat session can be engaged.

Online chat sessions have become a standard and common way for employees of large companies to communicate with each other. The draw of this is that multiple conversation sessions and the asynchronous nature of this communication method makes inter-business communication more effective.

However, a problem that has arisen with this type of chat session is that one may get pulled into a chat session by a total stranger. Many times, chat programs will allow one to accept or decline a chat invitation. However, in a large company, a stranger to a chat "receiver" may suddenly "drop in" and start a chat session with the receiver without first introducing themselves or giving the potential receiver a background history of where they (the transmitter) are from.

The receiver wastes time asking the transmitter to introduce themselves. Or, the receiver of the chat accepts a chat session to realize that the transmitter's inquiry was a wasted effort. What is needed is a method to force strangers to introduce themselves before a chat receiver accepts a chat invitation.

What is proposed is the following chat program with certain parameters:

A chat program will have the equivalent of "caller ID". It remembers who one has chatted with in the past. The program can keep a list of distinct people who the receiver has chatted with online. The user can configure this past history caller ID to filter itself and only remember those people within a set timeframe AND who's chat se...