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Portable Device Locator Using Bar Code Scanner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031469D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-27
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With the use of portable computing devices in the retail store, it is becoming desirable to know where the unit is in the store. This information can be used to initiate location dependent advertising, detailed directions a desired location and for data mining to understand customer behavior in the store. Disclosed here is a method that uses the bar code scanner already in the portable device to determine the location of the device. This method does not require additional equipment or expensive installation.

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Portable Device Locator Using Bar Code Scanner

    This embodiment shows a video type scanner but, any type bar code scanner should work as long as it has significant depth of field. Shown in the figure is a wide angle, long-range video bar code scanner integrated into the portable computing device. On the aisle or any where in the field of view a symbol is placed that indicates the location. This symbol could be a bar code, number or letter sequence or any symbol that represents the location. When the symbol is read by the portable device, a program in the device recognizes that the symbol is for location and decodes the symbol recording the location in memory. The location can be used by the device or the location can be wirelessly communicated to a host computer.


Portable Device

Video Bar Code Scanner


Field of View

     Portable Device Locator Using Bar Code Scanner is simpler and less expensive than other real time location methods. The portable device will already contain the bar code scanner and printed locator symbols should be very inexpensive compared to ceiling mounted IR access points, ultrasonic speakers and rf transceivers.

Bar Code (Taped to Floor)

Portable Device Locator Using Bar Code Scanner


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