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Recessed yoke structure and process for making the same Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031479D
Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
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Disclosed is a device that relates to an inductive write head. More specifically, it relates to a yoke structure where a laminate structure is recessed into a non-magnetic template with a process for producing the same.

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HSJ820030148 Lew Nunnelley/US/HGST@HGST Jeffrey Lille, Jui-lung Li

Recessed yoke structure and process for making the same

  To make more aggressive write heads, such improvements have purposed adding laminate (magnetic and non-magnetic multilayers) features to the head. An example of a cross section of a read/write magnetic head is shown in figure 1. Other features could be included, but the complications of adding non-traditional materials into a head bring added complexity to the structure and process of building a write head. To illustrate the point of added complexity, consider the laminate yoke structure.

These features are patterned through via very aggressive milling operations. Although this works, it leaves a large topography that subsequent lithography will have to compensate for. This subsequent lithography step usually contains a critical defining feature of the write head (eg. Pedestal shaped pole). This would add the requirement that the edge is well placed and is parallel to the ABS plane.

Figure 2 and 3 shows a preferred process to produce a laminate yoke structure where one edge will be nearly vertical to the surface of the wafer and the surface will be substantially planar to allow for further processing. Once a laminate yoke is deposited on the wafer, then the process of building the head would continue.

This yoke structure has the additional feature of have the...