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Three terminal sensor with ion implanted base layer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031482D
Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
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Disclosed herein is a device and method to define a three terminal magnetic sensor. More particularly, to the definition of at least one edge of a free layer in said sensor via ion implantation.

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HSJ820040106 Lew Nunnelley/US/HGST Jeffrey Lille

Three terminal sensor with ion implanted base layer

      In the fabrication of a three terminal magnetic sensor for sub-micron dimensions, several different sensor configurations can be used.1,2 This disclosure describes one such device and method for defining such a sensor. This involves the use of ion implantation to remove the soft ferromagnetic properties in the sensor's active region.3,4 Other prior art below describes a three terminal magnetoresistive (MR) head structures.5 Combining this ion implantation method with a three terminal sensor can be advantageous to producing a small, magnetically isolated sensor.

    This device is different in that it is a three layer(s) device that, at least, a portion of the middle of those said three layers is exposed to ion implantation. A layer refers to a portion of the device that is connected to one of three terminals and is sandwiched between the other parts of the device that is connected to the other two terminals.

    The preferred device and method would have the non-active region of the middle (or base) layer exposed to ion implantation. This is shown in Figure 1 where part of the free layer is magnetically inactivated or disrupted outside the active region which could exist underneath the top lead. Once the device is finished, there could be a region at the same plane as the device or below...