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Memory Interposer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031488D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-27
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Memory Interposer Error Tool

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Memory Interposer

    As memory tools increase in speed and complexity, out ability to create memory errors has diminished. Originally, we would modify existing memory modules to interrupt the data flow. With DDR2700 memory, which uses a BGA connector, we cannot modify the memory module.

    By using memory interposer and a special circuit, a user can create memory errors. The tool uses a hi-speed MOSFET circuit to turn on and off the data flow. The tool can be used with all types of SDRAM and DDR memory. The tool can be used with modifying the existing memory. The tool does not need external power connectors. The tool allows varied trigger methods for error injection.

    The heart of the tool is the MOSFET circuit with a charge pump. Trying to use existing power for VCC on the MOSFET results in an increase of resistance at the MOSFET. The charge pump circuit increases VCC for the MOSFET reducing the resistance. With the reduced voltage, data flow trough the MOSFET is stable with DDR/SDRAM specifications.