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Deliverance Mechanism for Service Label Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031528D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-28
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This is a mechanical assist disclosure for ease of service label ejection. This aids in accessibility, ease of use, and decreases and simplifies the mechanics needed for a service label.

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Deliverance Mechanism for Service Label

Currently, computer service labels are used to assist the customer in performing a specific task. These labels located on the interior of a removable cover or more recently are a pull-out label from the front bottom of a chassis. These first generation pull-out labels are difficult to access and takes a lot of real estate in the front of the chassis. This invention disclosure takes this concept to the next level and gives mechanical actuation to the concept. This invention would address the drawbacks of the current solutions in place. This new design would:

Easier actuation by user

     Smaller design profile
Would not impinge on the visual design of the product Immediate response feedback on action completion Consistency amongst the computer product lines There may be a few drawbacks to this design. They would be:

Failure of the actuation mechanism

     Size of the actuation mechanism may encroach upon the mechanical package The following figures demonstrate how this disclosure would work. Figure 1 shows the limited real estate for the actuation of the ejection of this service label. Figure 2 shows a person actuating the device. They would need to basically, tap the underside of the label and the label automatically ejects (as shown in Figure 3). Figure 4 shows the molded springs that would be needed to actuate the ejection of this label.


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