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Adjustable Lighting arrangement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031536D
Publication Date: 2004-Sep-29
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Adjustable Lighting arrangement

    People are becoming increasingly interested in a lighting arrangement adjustable to their own personal environment and needs. For instance more and more solutions to dim lighting arrangements are available: wall mounted triac dimmers already exist a long time, but IR remote control dimming has been added fairly recently.

    A general restriction to lighting arrangements with adjustable light properties can be the initial cost and infrastructure at home. Most people do not want to change the electrical wiring at home.

    A simple solution, to allow people to change the light output of a lighting arrangement, is by equipping the lighting arrangement with circuitry that changes the light output of the lighting arrangement in response to toggling of the mains power. This is an effective method to allow people to switch between at least two possible light levels. In addition, no extra or different switches or electrical wiring is necessary, because only a short interruption of the mains power is needed to signal the lighting arrangement to change its light output. Each time the mains power is toggled, the lighting arrangement switches to a different setting; switching it off for a prolonged period of time, will reset it to an initial starting point.

  However, in addition to making one or more dim levels available, mains toggling can be used to change other properties of the lighting arrangement. Examples of properties that ca...