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Two lamp ballast Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031537D
Publication Date: 2004-Sep-29
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Two lamp ballast

    Generally it is not possible to operate for instance two 36W lamps on one 36W ballast.

    Reason is that the mains voltage of 220/230V is too low compared with the lamp voltage of a 36W lamp of 103V.

For a stable lamp operation a mains voltage of approx. twice the lamp voltage is needed. Because of this to operate a 36W lamp a mains voltage is needed of approx. 2 x 103 = 206V.

    In case two 36W lamps are to be operated in series on one ballast, a mains voltage of approx. 2 x (103 +103) = 412V is needed.

    By designing a ballast based on 400V mains it will be possible to realize a stable 2 x 36W lamp operation on one ballast.

400V mains is in fact available in many industrial environments.

    Making use of a single ballast and 400 V mains to operate two 36 Watt lamps results in a significant saving on BOM and ballast power loss.

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