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Cutter for smoking articles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031558D
Publication Date: 2004-Sep-29
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A cutter for smoking articles or parts thereof, in particular filter elements, comprising a housing and two parts movable relative to one another. A first part carries a knife or other suitable cutting means and is operable to accurately cut a filter element of a cigarette securely held in a second part. The cutter is portable and allows a filter element to be cut cleanly and to a precise length.

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Cutter for Smoking Articles

Described herein is a cutting device for smoking articles and filter elements of smoking articles.  For quantitative analysis of smoke by-products it is necessary to analyse a smoking article filter element after the smoking article has been smoked.  A standard analysis regime is utilised in which filter element sections of a given length are obtained and subsequently analysed.

Requirements of the device include size, portability, safety, operability, accuracy, weight and durability.  Accordingly, an object of the device is to be relatively small in size and low in weight, allowing the device to be portable.  It is also necessary that the device may be safely used without danger of the user contacting the cutting parts of the device.  Further, the device must be relatively simple to operate and be capable of producing accurate sections of a filter element in a manner that enables the required analysis to be carried out thereon.  This is particularly important in terms of producing a filter section of a precise length and in cutting a filter element in a sufficiently clean manner so as to minimise distortion of the filter prior to analysis.

The present device was designed to fulfil the above requirements.  The present description provides a cutting device for cutting smoking articles or filter elements comprising a housing and at least two moveable parts, the moveable parts being a cutting means and a holding means capable of holding a smoking article or filter element therein.

To fully describe the subject device reference will now be made to the accompanying figures, in which:

Figure 1 shows the device with a sample storage enclosure and a cigarette in position;

Figure 2 shows the device of Figure 1 with the top cover removed to show the internal components;

Figure 3 shows a top plan view of the device of Figure 2; 

Figure 4 shows the component parts of the device in an unassembled manner, including a six-inch ruler for scale purposes; and

Figure 5 shows a diagrammatic view of a further embodiment of the device.

Figure 1 shows the present device including a robust aluminium housing (1) adjacent an enclosure (4) suitable for receiving and storing cut sections of cigarette filters.  Two moveable handles project from one side of the housing (1), the handles being known as the first handle (2) and the second handle (3) for ease of identification.  The first handle (2) is attached to a cigarette butt holder (8) (see Figure 2), which cigarette butt holder (8) has an aperture (10) therein for holding a filter, and allows the cigarette butt holder (8) to be moved by the user. The second handle (3) is attached to a blade-mounting element (9), which element has a cutting blade (11) attached thereto.  The second handle (3) allows the blade-mounting element (9), and hence the blade (11), to be moved by the user.

The housing (1) comprises a cover and a base.  The cover is attached to the base, preferably by screws...