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Lightpipes Essentially "Through" a PCI Card (Single-Wide or Double-Wide) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031611D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Sep-30
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Disclosed is a design that provides inexpensive communication around a populated PCI card. The design accommodates thermal concerns, is easy to install, and has unique light transmission properties built into the lightpipe.

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Lightpipes Essentially "Through" a PCI Card (Single-Wide or Double-Wide)

Disclosed is a device that provides an inexpensive (lightpipe) means of communication around a PCI card populated with components. Existing solutions utilize an LED diagnostics card with a cable and planar board connector resulting in an expensive solution. Other known solutions utilize space between PCI slots whereas the disclosed solution is within the PCI allowed space. Known solutions are also expensive and do not provide a lightpipe path area around components such as heat sinks in a double-wide PCI application. This new design can be installed on any industry standard PCI card.

     This design accommodates the ability to fully populate the entire card with components, not just the front or back half of the card. These components may include taller items such as heat sinks and capacitors, which can take up both PCI slots on a double-wide card. By having the base completely open, the thermal impact to the card is minimal. Additional features such as louvers, etc. can be added to the body of the design to maximize the cooling of the card, processor, and heat sinks. The lightpipes used on this assembly have four bends designed to route around the taller components on the card. The lightpipes are convex and textured on one end to allow brighter light transmission. The end of the lightpipes that are on the card are widened and polished to maximize the amount of light captured from the LED. The e...