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Asynchronous Commit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031629D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-01
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Optimized commit processing for transactions not requiring any outcome notification.

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Asynchronous Commit

Transaction processing systems allow a set of related updates to be committed as an atomic unit of work (UOW). The set of updates is typically committed through the use of a commit verb. The commit verb typically returns the outcome of the unit of work. This invention suggests a flavour of commit verb which initiates commit processing and indicates that the outcome of the unit of work need not be returned.

    This is different from the X/Open asynchronous option which while allowing asynchronous commit does not allow the application to express disinterest in the result and so requires the RM to report the outcome of every transaction.

    A significant number of applications depend upon the atomicity offered by transactions but see each transaction as an isolated request and so are not dependant upon one transaction completing before another transaction is started. This is especially true in a service oriented architecture where the outcome of each transaction typically includes a stimulus (e.g. a message) for the next transaction in the broader business unit of work.

    By not waiting for the outcome to be known then the committing application typically avoids waiting for a log force and so can proceed to service further requests in parallel with the ongoing commit.

    A new option is supported on commit indicating that the caller wishes to initiate commit processing, but does not want to hear the outcome of the unit of work.

    When an asynchronous commit r...