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3494 Automatic Tape Library Manager error Call Home through TotalStorage(™) Master Console Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031636D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-01
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A method is developed to enable an OS/2 based subsystem to attach to a Linux-based IBM TotalStorage(™) Master Console to efficiently transfer error information to the system management team.

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TUC820040322 John C Kennel/Tucson/IBM Jon Beard, Henry Z Liu, Harish Mathur, James B Engle, Craig Schultz, John T Olson

3494 Automatic Tape Library Manager error Call Home through TotalStorage (TM) Master Console

    A program is disclosed that attaches an OS/2 based 3494 Tape Library Manager to the Linux-based TotalStorage(TM) Master Console (MC). The design logic improves the problem reporting for a 3494 Library Manager (LM) to an external support structure at the time the error occurs, and its implementation reduces the system maintenance cost.

    When an error occurs in a subsystem, all the detailed information needs to be gathered, and sent for analysis. This allows the problem to be fixed in a minimal amount of time. The existing procedure creates a Call Home record and a Data Call Home record. The Call Home record contains data to describe the time-stamp, error code, and subsystem descriptions. The Data Call Home record includes the System's Configuration Data (SCD), Vital Product Data (VPD) and error logs associated with the error. This combined information helps the support team to analyze the data quickly. The whole design among all integrated processes is aimed to minimize the impact to the system's normal I/O process, and not cause system's performance.

    Both TotalStorage(TM) Master Console and the 3494 Library Manager act as a client and a server. TotoalStorage(TM) MC requires the IP address of the 3494 LM to start an initial connection. The 3494 LM requires the host name and IP address of the TotalStorage(TM) MC in order to respond to a request for configuration information. This information from MC is validated against a pre-secured file in LM server. Only a match is guaranteed a connection by LM. Upon successful verification of the correct host name and IP address the 3494 LM responds with a configuration file that contains its own host name and IP address. The MC server stores this configuration file as a registration of an attached subsystem. Subsequ...