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NAS HAGEO GUI Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031643D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-02
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Disclosed is an idea for a GUI tool for Enterprise Network Attach Storage Gateway 500 (NAS) product v1.1.1 (with use of HAGEO technology). This GUI Tool would allow the monitoring of the health status of all NAS nodes and be able to do some administrative tasks.

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TUC820040360 John C Kennel/Tucson/IBM

Todd H Furlong


Disclosed is a GUI Tool to be used with Enterprise NAS Gateway 500 v1.1.1 or greater.

The current problem with the product is that there is no visual GUI management tool to monitor the health status and do some common "everyday" management.

NAS HAGEO GUI Tool will be a graphical tool where the user will be able to see all of the nodes at the 2 sites. This GUI will also show "health" status information such as if the mirrored disks (known as GMDs) are up or down. It also should show network information on data being mirrored. What nodes and at what site own what volumes.

In addition to monitoring the health status of all nodes at all sites, the GUI tool will be able to perform some high level management tasks such as:

      -The ability to move around resource groups that contain the mirrored disks (i.e move nasvolume1 from siteA to siteB)

-The ability to start and stop mirroring on selected disks -The ability to do other administrative tasks

The whole point of this idea is to provide 1 central visual GUI monitoring/management tool for NAS v1.1.1 (with HAGEO technology).

GUI provides our users with ease of use navigation and reduces the need of using command line interface to do simple everyday tasks.

There are no known GUI interface for HAGEO technology on NAS and this is something that would help the product become more attractive to our customers.

The known solution right now is using CLI commands, SMIT or WebSM panels in AIX. You basically type in commands and then it returns whatever you are looking for. There are no "monitor" tool to view the status of the sites in live mode.

The advantage for using this GUI Tool over CLI:

           -Ability to monitor both sites at same time in GUI. -Ease of use; with G...