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A Method for the Custom Pruning and Promoting of Subtrees in a Portal Display Content Hierarchy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031665D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-04
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Disclosed is a method for hiding unwanted portions of a portal content hierarchy, and surfacing other portions to make them more readily accessible, without extensive navigation. The idea makes use of a portal site map; this map provides a complete overview of the navigation to all content on the portal that a user is authorized to see; the map is organized hierarchically, to mirror the structure of the content. From this map, the user can deselect portions (subtrees) of the hierarchy, and promote other portions (subtrees) to upper levels of the navigation tree. Further, a user can optionally re-order siblings at any level of the hierarchy.

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A Method for the Custom Pruning and Promoting of Subtrees in a Portal Display Content Hierarchy

The method for manipulating a portal content hierarchy through a site map provides users with a simple and easy way to hide unwanted portions of a portal display and surface those frequently used parts of a portal hierarchy, some of which may not be easily navigated to.

Each node in a site map hierarchy is accompanied by an affordance (such as a right-click menu) that provides the following actions:
1. Hide - behaves as a toggle, and allows a user to hide or unhide a subtree in the map hierarchy, where the root of the subtree is the node where the user clicked the 'hide' affordance.
2. Promote - promotes a subtree to a sibling of its parent. This behavior can be continued until the subtree is a child of the portal root. Once promoted, a node's 'Hide' option is disabled.
3. Promote to top - promotes a subtree as a child of the hierarchy root, in a single action
4. Demote - returns a node to its last position in the hierarchy, prior to a single-step promotion; this option is enabled only when a node is in a promoted state.
5. Restore - returns a node to its original position in the hierarchy; this option is enabled only after a node has been promoted.

When a subtree is hidden, it is grayed out, and all members of the subtree display menus indicating that they are in a hidden state. A user may elect to 'unhide' a subtree within the hidden subtree by selecting the 'Unhide' option. The unhidden subtree will now appear as the child of the hidden subtree's parent (since the interim nodes and levels of the hidden subtree do not display).

If a user promotes a subtree, then hides the parent of the promoted subtree (that...