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Dynamic Draw Graphical Scroll Bar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031670D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-04
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This disclosure presents an improvement to the current art in the area of two dimensional graphical user interface based scroll bars.

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Dynamic Draw Graphical Scroll Bar

In current art of 2D graphical interfaces, users have come to know that an application can contain scroll bars. These scroll bars are always either vertical or horizontal, allowing for vertical or horizontal scrolling of the data in the application window.

There are two drawbacks in the current scroll bar art:

1. Each scroll bar allows for either vertical or horizontal scrolling. No combination horizontal/vertical (diagonal) scrolling is supported.
2.The scroll bars use up precious screen/window space on the right and bottom edges of the application.

This disclosure addresses these two drawbacks

This disclosure presents the method of a dynamic draw scroll bar. This dynamic draw scroll bar looks like a traditional scroll bar but may be placed in the application area at any length, and in any orientation. The user adds a dynamic draw scroll bar right clicking the scroll bar option in a regular or pop-up context menu and then dragging a line on the display. When the mouse button is release the line is replaced with a scroll bar that matches the length and orientation of the line. The user may also set the transparency of the scroll to either transparent or opaque. When a scroll bar is transparent the background of the window below shows through the scroll bar. This allows the user to view what's underneath the scroll-bar while the scroll-bar is visible.

This scroll bar then floats within the application and the user is able to click...