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Use of Enhanced Oil Recovery in Conjunction with a Gas Generator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031685D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-05
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Summary of the Invention:

Use of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) gases with a gas generator is described.  The process would allow for a lot of flexibility and improve the efficiency of the system.

Brief Description of the Figures:

The Figure is a schematic of the process of the invention.


Detailed Description of the Invention:

The use of enhanced oil recovery in conjunction with a gas generator to produce power is described.  As best shown in the Figure, carbon dioxide from the gas generator is pumped directly into the soil where oil is available and the mixture of oil and carbon is obtained at a pressure of about 5-10 bars.  The mixture is sent to a fuel-processing unit where the oil is converted to a gaseous fuel with carbon dioxide.  The mixture of gases is then combusted in the gas generator along with oxygen and water and/or recycled carbon dioxide to produce a large quantity of gas at high temperature and pressure that is expanded through a multi-stage turbine to generate power.  In one embodiment, the carbon dioxide is recycled only to the second and/or final stages of the multi-stage turbine.  However, it is not essential that the carbon dioxide be recycled only to the second and/or final stages of the multi-stage turbine.  These gases are then sent to a condenser where the water is condensed and recycled back into the gas generator.  This process enhances oil recovery and makes the system more eff...