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Incremental Server Content Display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031693D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-05
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The proposed system aims to give the programmer more control over the HTML interpretation process.

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Incremental Server Content Display

The proposed system aims to give the programmer more control over the hyptertext markup language (HTML) interpretation process. The problem with large web pages is that the way browsers interpret them is not in a set fashion. As it stands, the programmer has no control over how portions of the site will be displayed as it is loaded from server to client. The proposed system offers a a partial HTML display tag which defines "blocks" of HTML This will allow the web developer to develop a web page and indicate that while the page is being downloaded by the client, certain parts of the page will be displayed after they have been downloaded. These partial HTML display tags will be interpreted in such a way that a full block must be downloaded before it is displayed. This way, the programmer can make sure that "portions" of HTML are displayed in the way that the developer intended. The idea is not restricted to HTML text, it can be extended to components (e.g., images, sound, etc.) which can exist on a web page (in short, all components encompassed by the proposed block tags). By implementing the proposed system, the user can make sure that a portion of a page is presented the exact way intended and is seen not as it loads, but only after it has been loaded. With the proposed system, the user will not experience the effect of seeing an image be partially displayed as it downloads. The user will only see the image after it has fully do...