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Cell phone status based automatic call screening Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031757D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-07
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When a user's cell phone is low on battery or if the user is running out of pre-paid minutes, he usually wants to avoid answering the phone unless the call is important. Currently, the user's phone rings and he has to look at the caller ID and decide whether to answer the phone or not. In the case of low battery, the ringing phone uses some more battery power - user's would like to avoid this too.

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Cell phone status based automatic call screening

Cell phone service providers currently monitor the phone's location at all times. The cell phone service provider must now also monitor the usage minutes for the phone and the current status of its battery power.

The user will be allowed to set up a list of callers that he would like to allow through even when the phone is in a low-power/low-minutes condition.

When the phone is in a low-power/low-minutes condition, the service provider will only connect callers to the phone if they are on the caller list. Callers not on the special list are always sent directly to voicemail.

Thus, the user does not have to make a decision about whether to answer the call. Also, the phone does not ring/vibrate and further deplete battery power.

When the service provider receives a call for this user, it will perform the following actions, before routing the call to the cellphone:
1. If the user's battery power/minutes status is ok, connect the call.
2. If either condition is low, check if the user has setup a caller list. If there is no caller list, connect the call.
3. If there is a caller list, check if the current caller belongs to the list. If he does, connect the call.
4. If the caller is not on the list, connect the call directly to the voicemail system.
5. If the user has set up an alternate method of notification (e.g. email, text page, alternate phone number), the service provider will send a notification indicating that a call...