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Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031776D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-09
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Some have attempted to decrease the hazards encountered while working with gas cylinders, such as the regulator disclosed in U.S. Patent No. 5,975,121.


This disclosure concerns the design of a new and improved type of high pressure gas cylinder shut off valve.  The design improvement in this valve involves a small integral pressure gauge, permanently attached to the valve body, as well as a pressure relieving option that allows for a controlled means of discharging the contents of a high pressure gas cylinder in case the valve hand wheel becomes inoperable due to misuse, unintentional physical damage, or malfunction.  Both the small pressure gauge and the pressure relieving option are connected to passageways in the valve body that lead directly to the inner contents of the gas cylinder.  In other words, even if the valve’s hand wheel is tightly closed the small pressure gauge will still “read” the internal cylinder pressure.  In addition, the pressure relieving mechanism, if manually opened, will allow the internal contents of the cylinder to vent into the ambient atmosphere or into an enclosure (having a fixed or expandable volume) for subsequent disposal, if necessary.  This design improvement was developed in order to avoid serious accidents that are sometimes related to “devalving” cylinders that have been believed to be empty due to faulty gas cylinder valves that stick in the closed position when the cylinder contents have actually still been present and still in a highly compressed condition.


Figure 1 illustrates a side view of gas cylinder valve of the invention.

Figure 2 illustrates an end view of gas cylinder valve...