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Clear Vision Auditor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031823D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-11

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Current audit method for vehicle wheel alignment is called Clear Vision (CV) and uses a gage on the steering wheel and a driver following a strip painted on the ground. The driver tries to follow the stripe (which is supposed to be straight) while keeping the vehicle as straight as possible. This leads to large amounts of variation from the strip not being straight to driver oscillation from turning the wheel back and forth to try and keep the vehicle on the strip. Current gage R&R's say this method has up to 60% variability due to this. This variability makes it difficult to keep the correct offsets in the CV equipment and maintain process capability The advantage of this solution is that we have removed the variability induced in to the system from the paint strip and given the driver a defined area which they must keep the vehicle pointing. This will reduce the variation induced into the steering wheel and give a truer reading increasing capability. Given the increased capability we can then make better judgments about the data and what changes need to be made.