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A method for controlling install progress indicator accurately based on log file size of individual installer in an umbrella installer. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031842D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-13

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The present publication discloses a method that enables the IBM DB2 Information Integrator Installer (DB2 III) to calculate and report a more accurate estimate of the percentage of completion by monitoring the size of installation log files generated by each individual installer. When the log file is close to the expected full size, it can be assumed that the installation is close to completion. For many of the products, the installation log sizes are similar regardless of the components that are chosen for installation. For the simplest implementation, it works best when the log files are output uniformly. If not, a non-uniform function can be used for displaying a more accurate progress status. This invention might not work well if the installer caches the log and flushes it out at the end of the installation. The implementation based on this approach shows a fairly accurate installation progress as compared to the time-based calculated progress and overcomes the drawback of the time-based approach.