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A method for controlling install progress indicator accurately based on log file size of individual installer in an umbrella installer. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031842D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-13
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The present publication discloses a method that enables the IBM DB2 Information Integrator Installer (DB2 III) to calculate and report a more accurate estimate of the percentage of completion by monitoring the size of installation log files generated by each individual installer. When the log file is close to the expected full size, it can be assumed that the installation is close to completion. For many of the products, the installation log sizes are similar regardless of the components that are chosen for installation. For the simplest implementation, it works best when the log files are output uniformly. If not, a non-uniform function can be used for displaying a more accurate progress status. This invention might not work well if the installer caches the log and flushes it out at the end of the installation. The implementation based on this approach shows a fairly accurate installation progress as compared to the time-based calculated progress and overcomes the drawback of the time-based approach.

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A method for controlling install progress indicator accurately based on log file size of individual installer in an umbrella installer .


IBM DB2 Information Integrator (DB2 II) is developed using InstallShield Multiplatform (ISMP) 5.03. The installer gathers user information and generates response files for DB2, relation wrappers (RW), nonrelational wrappers (NW). It then invokes the DB2, RW, and NW installers silently using response files through a product action custom bean. To give users a better installation experience, DB2 II needs to report the installation progress as the installation proceeds.


During installation, the filesets being installed are controlled by individual installers (i.e, DB2, RW, NW installers), and DB2 II has no knowledge of these filesets being installed. This prevents DB2 II from utilizing the ISMP built-in progress control mechanism to gather install progress information. Thus, DB2 II is unable to report the installation progress to the user during installation. Furthermore, since each individual installer is being run in the silent mode, no progress status is available from them. This presents a challenge to DB2 II in accurately calculating and reporting the progress of the installation.

Known Solution

There have been some articles published in the InstallShield knowledge database website with the idea of utilizing installation time to update install progress. The basic idea is to estimate how much time is needed for a complete installation in advance, and then use this estimated time as a base for the percentage of completion calculation. The installer will then calculate the percentage of completion as time elapses using the following formula:

Percentage of completion = (Time elapsed / Base) * 100%

The calculated percentage of completion will then be used to populate the progress bar which is displayed to the user.

Drawbacks of the solution

Since the base used in the above calculation is estimated in advance, for example, it could be the average time of installations being tested over several systems, this value may not reflect the actual installation time on the user system. This will present some side effects to the user. For instance, if the user has a faster machine than the average test machine, the percentage of completion will advance faster and reach 100% completion earlier than the installation actually completes, and vice versa.

To make the progress bar reflect the actual install progress, a different solution is


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DB2 II is developed using InstallShield Multiplatform (ISMP) 5.03. The installer takes advantage of the installation lo...