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Autonomic means to notify the location of the lost removable media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031844D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-14
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Often use the removable media like as USB memory key, MicroDrive, Multimedia Card, CD-R and DVD to exchange the data. After finish with someone else's computer the operation, we often leave these media in the someone else's computer unexpectedly. As the result, we sometimes waste the time to find it and we often lose it in the worst case. This disclosure describes an idea to reduce the risk of this problem.

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Autonomic means to notify the location of the lost removable media

To fix this problem,the following solution is desired
1. Write the owner information (for example name, E-Mail address, Owned computer) in the removable media with the specific form.
2. If the removable media is connected to the computer and it is owned by other person, software program automatically will take the following action.

2.1 Display the warning messages that the removable media is connected to the computer that owned other person.

2.2 Send E-Mail automatically to the owner of the removable media.

To achieve the above idea, the two software program are provided that named "Program 1" and "Program 2"

Role of the Program 1

It will make the special hidden file in the removable media that include the owner information as follows. - Owned computer name - Name - Mail address

Example of the special file that made by above program 1)

Assume that Tom has the three computer that serial No. 12345, 24680, 13579 and his/her E-Mail address is, the "Program 1" will make the special file as follows.

Name : Tom

MyComputer 1 : 12345
MyComputer 2 : 24680
MyComputer 3 : 13579
E-Mail Address :
DeviceName : MicroDrive
Message : It has the Microdrive in your computer that owned by Tom

Do you send the E-Mail to Tom to inform it ?

Role of the "Program 1".

It has the four functions (1.1 - 1.4) in the "Program 1" as follows. 1.1 Register/remove/modify the name of the computer owner to the special...