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Anti-Spam Spoofing From Server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031848D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-14
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Server based "Message Undeliverable" email spoof for spam control.

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Anti-Spam Spoofing From Server

The problem is gobs and gobs of email spam. Spammers buy and sell lists of "valid" email addresses, flooding networks with unwanted, often scrupulous solicitations. Currently most companies or services use filters, but that does not impact the source or sender.

One technique is to use brute force against a known domain (*** where randomly generated or commonly used names are tried against the domain, and then all invalid ones are filtered out based on the "undeliverable" messages.

The proposed solution is that on receipt of a "known spam" (as per current filter or pattern matching techinques), the server will send back a "undeliverable mail" to the sender, even if it is a valid email address .

The hope here is that the sender will no longer be able to validate this email address as valid, and therefore not be able to "sell" as part of a list, or possibly be removed from existing lists. There are client based solutions and scripts that do this (from google search), but none that I have found that combine or add to a server-based filter.