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setup_testbed Tivoli Framework Product Setup Scripts

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031849D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-14
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The setup_testbed UNIX shell scripts are used to install Tivoli Framework, and Tivoli Framework products, in an unattended manner. They can easily be extended to install other products.

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setup_testbed Tivoli Framework Product Setup Scripts

The setup_testbed system is made up of UNIX shell scripts, which can run under UNIX, or under the BASH shell in Windows. The three types of scripts that comprise the system are: a variables script (setup_testbed_vars.sh), a driver script (setup_testbed.sh), and worker scripts (install_framework.sh, patch_tec.sh, etc).

The driver script calls the variables script to get a list of worker scripts to run, and then runs the worker scripts, one at a time. The worker scripts do the actual product install or patch. The worker scripts call the variables script to get the specific variables needed to perform the function, such as the path to code to install, target systems for installation, etc.

The driver script and worker scripts log messages, including standard error and standard out, to a file in /tmp, whose name matches the name of the script, with a
.log extension (ie, setup_testbed.log). If any errors occur, execution of the current script ends, and no more worker scripts are run.

The steps to use the system are:
1)Edit the setup_testbed_vars.sh file.
2)Run the setup_testbed.sh script.
3)When complete, check the log files for errors.
4)If errors occur, fix the problem.
5)Rerun the setup_testbed.sh script.

If you only need to run 1 worker script, you can run it directly, instead of using the setup_testbed.sh script.

The worker scripts included with this publication perform the following: install Tivoli

Framework (instal...