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Code Assist/Content Assist Incremental Completion UI Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031854D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-14
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This invention consists of a UI processor for performing incremental content assist in a source editing application such as a Java IDE.

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Code Assist/Content Assist Incremental Completion UI

In Unix Shells, filename completion is invoked when you type the beginning of a filename/folder and press the TAB key. This is a useful feature which should be carried over into structured languages such as Java/C++. The current problem with existing Content Assist UIs, is that they often require you to either:
A) type a significant portion of the item you are trying to match, or
B) scroll through multiple proposals.

For example, if the following choices are all valid in the current context: {"performStartup()", "performShutdown()", "performFoobar()"}, the user must either type "performSt" and invoke content assist, OR type "perf", and then scroll through the multiple hits, and choose the desired item.

The technique is to add a process to an existing source editor which contains conventional content assist function. The new process is tied to an input event (such as a keystroke or accelerator key) which:
1) invokes a conventional content assist search for the current context
2) For the resulting hits, take the largest common prefix
3) and appends (minus the portion the user has already typed) to the editor's cursor location, and moves the caret to the position after the inserted prefix.

Optionally, if the largest common prefix does not exist or is below a useful threshold (i.e. 1 character), the conventional content assist proposals can be presented to the user.

Optionally, the system can insert the common prefix, a...