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Containers for desktop windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031870D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-15
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"Containers" to organize and manage groups of windows on desktop as they were a single entity

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Containers for desktop windows

A software application is disclosed that allows to group a logical set of windows among the available one on desktop and to manage them as a single one.

     When a lot of windows are opened at the same time on a Windows operative system desktop, the available surface will be obviously completely exploited and will be difficult to move among all the windows to execute more activities at the same time.

The application introduced here will have the capability to define windows large as desktop which will include all the windows belonging to a logical set and related to a given activity. For instance a logical set could be done with 5 telnet windows where you monitor different machines; another logical set could include an Excel window and a command prompt window from which you open files so to copy part of the contents to the Excel worksheet just mentioned.In these cases there will two windows large as desktop defined through the application. The first one is shared among the 5 telnet windows, and the second one among a command prompt and the Excel worksheet.

     The application should have two main functionalities: -allowing to specify at the start moment for the "container" window the layout of the inner windows. For each inner window an application or a command will be assigned. So in our examples, the first "container" window will require to specify layout for the 5 telnet windows and for each one of them the telnet commands including also...