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KVM Switch that allows for Cut and Paste between connected computers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031982D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-18
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Method and apparatus for moving data across multiple sessions in a KVM.

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KVM Switch that allows for Cut and Paste between connected computers

Keyboard, video, monitor (KVM) switches today do not have the ability to cut and paste or move data between computers. If a KVM switch had the capability to allow the user to copy text or files from one computer and paste it to another, then many tasks would take less time. This solution combines a hardware and software approach to enable existing KVM switches to allow for transmission of data between all connected computers on the switch. This approach would work in all properly configured KVM environments, regardless of existing network connections.

There are several possible methods for implementing a copy/paste mechanism into standard KVM switches. The first example is a simple mechanism that allows for copying text between connected systems. The second example provides for more complicated data transfer, including large, complete files as well as partial text.

KVM switches tend to rely on key sequences to enter a special mode that allows you to switch between machines that you are accessing. A separate key sequence could be implemented (such as ctrl-F10) that would put the KVM in a mode to accept key logging from the machine you are currently on. The user would type the information that he/she wants to be copied and then enter another key sequence to stop key logging. This logged data would be automatically entered into a buffer or other storage device on the KVM. Next the user would switch...