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A Method and System for Personal Context Interpretation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032015D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-19
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Disclosed is a method and system to enhance a readers understanding of a document by optionally allowing the reader to apply selected contexts to a document. The context definitions can be created and applied to the document by the author or the reader.

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A Method and System for Personal Context Interpretation

All individuals have different life experiences and exposures that influence our daily lives. When a document is read from someone that is not in our company, industry or culture, we often don't understand or miss-understand what the author is trying to communicate. This Personal Context Interpreter (PCI) disclosure helps to address this issue by allowing the author and reader to alternatively define synonyms for words and phrases in a document and tie these to a context. When the reader is reviewing the document, they have the option to read the original text or alter the text by setting a different context. When the context is changed, the system will alter the original words or phrases with defined synonyms from the author or from the readers PCI system.

  System flows of how documents are created and read with different contexts: Create Document 100 - Create Electronic Document - Individual creates new electronic document using a computing system. 110 - Apply Personal Context Interpreter (PCI)? - The individual makes decision if they will apply the Personal Context Interpreter tool to the electronic document. 120 - Select PCI(s) to Apply to Document - Individual selects one or more Contexts to be applied to the document. (Example: Using defined contexts in the Synonym Data Base, the individual selects Research and Sales Contexts to be applied to the document) 130 - System Finds Existing PCI Defined Words - Phrases -The system searches the document looking for words and phrases that are defined in the Synonym Data Base that match the context(s) selected from 120. 140 - System Associates Synonym with Words - Phrases - For each word or phrase that is found in the document from step 130, the system associates the defined synonym to the word or phrase. 150 - Highlight Matched Words - Phrases - The system highlights the words and phrases associated in step 140. This shows the individual which words and phrases have been associated. The system also has the option to highlight in different colors or other method to indicate multiple contexts applied to the document. 160 - Create Additional Associations? - The system gives the individual the option to define new associat...