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Enzymatic Degradation of Cervical Mucus for Improved Performance in Absorbent Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032016D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-19

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Disposable absorbent articles are commonly designed to absorb or contain exudates from wearers of the articles. Menstrual fluid is one such exudate. A component of menstrual fluid that can inhibit the intake of menstrual fluid into an absorbent product is cervical mucus. Enzymatic candidates are proposed for the liquefaction of cervical mucus and several product configurations are discussed. For example, in one embodiment, the improved product may be a feminine care article (e.g., a sanitary napkin) in which one or more specifically selected enzymes (e.g., amylases) present in cervical mucus or semen have been added to a selected component of the article.