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Applications of Acetylenic Diol Ethoxylates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032042D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-20
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Applications of Acetylenic Diol Ethoxylates

The pupose of this document is to describe two families of ethoxylated acetylenic diols, a number of utilities for these materials, and formulated systems in which they are useful.

The products can be described as follows:

•Ethoxylates of S104 & S124

–EO from 1 to 30

–Ethoxylates of 2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol (S104)

–Ethoxylates of 2,5,8,11-Tetramethyl-6-dodecyn-5,8-diol (S124)

•Blends of Ethoxylates of S104 and S124

•Blends of alkoxylated alcohols (linear, branched, primary, secondary, tertiary) and Ethoxylates of S104 & S124

•Surfactants commonly sold under the DynolTM & Surfynol® Brands

Structurally, these products can be represented by the following formula:

Where r = t = 1 or 2 and (n+m) = 1 to100.

Example Commercial Products

•Ethoxylates of 2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol (S104)

–Surfynol® 420 = 1 moles EO

–Surfynol® 440 = 3.5 moles EO

–Surfynol® 465 = 10 moles EO

–Surfynol® 485 = 30 moles EO

•Ethoxylates of 2,5,8,11-Tetramethyl-6-dodecyn-5,8-diol (S124)

–DynolTM 604 = 4 moles EO

The products can be used to perform the following functions:

•To reduce surface tension, interfacial tension

•To facilitate wetting of low-energy substrates

•To improve spreading of fluids on other substrates

•To control or stabilize foam

•To emulsify immiscible fluids

•To demulsify various fluids

•To clean various substrates

•To suspend or disperse particles in solution

Applications in which these products would have utility are enumerated below:

•Cleaning Applications

–Household cleaners

–Industrial & institutional cleaners

–Dishwashing & rinsing

–Vehicle care

–Fabric care

–Floor care

–Hard surface care

–Other miscellaneous cleaners

•Personal Care

–Facial cleansers

–Hand, hair and body care

–Sun care

–Baby care

–Shaving products including Pre- and after-shave

–Bath and shower products

–Anti-perspirants and deodorants




–Cosmetic products

•Paints, Coatings & Stains

•Printing Inks & Ink Jet formulations

•Pigment dispersion and stabilization


•Crop protection and associated control products

•Metal working fluids, metal cutting fluids, lubricants & electroplating chemicals

•Oil & gas extraction and processing applications

–Drilling & completion fluids

–Cementing & stimulation fluids

–Production chemicals

–Refining, transportation & treatment operations

•Cement or construction products

–Ready-mix & ad-mix systems

–Pre-cast systems

–Mortars, grouts, cements & concrete

•Plastic additives

•Water treatment

•Paper & pulp, textile auxiliaries


•Chemical processing

•Semiconductor & related electronic applications

Forumulations in which the acetylenic diol ethoxyates are useful are described below:

Generic Hard Surface Cleaner

•         Anionic Surfactant, from 0-25%

•         Cationic Surfactant, from 0-25%

•         Chelating Agent, from 0-20%