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Traffic Signal Interpretation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032048D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-20
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The Traffic Signal Interpretation System will aid a motorist in interpreting the signal color at an approaching intersection. This system includes a transmitting device located at intersections with traffic lights and a receiving device mounted on the vehicle. The transmitting device will be connected to the traffic control box at the intersection and transmitting a signal that has the status of the traffic lights encoded in it. The receiving device in the vehicle will decode the signal, interpret and inform the motorist of the current signal color.

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Traffic Signal Interpretation System

This invention will solve the problem of a motorist not able to visually interpret the current signal light at approaching intersection due to motorist's impaired vision resulting from everyday obstacles encountered on roadways which can result in accidents due to motorists running a red light signal. In addition motorist with physical limitation to interpret color of light will benefit from this invention.

Motorists encounter everyday situations when it is not possible to interpret the signal light at approaching intersection due to visual impairments such as:

1. Large vehicle such as semi truck blocking visual of signal light.
2. Blinding curve before intersection.
3. Hazardous weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, fog, or dust storms.
4. Motorist's physical limitation to interpret light such as color blindness.

With any of the above visual impairments, the motorist cannot properly interpret the current signal color putting the motorists at risk if a motorist decides to proceed through the intersection when the light signal is red. This invention will aid the motorist in interpreting the current signal light and give visual and audible signals to current color of light.

This invention consists of the following devices:

1. Transmitting device: This device will be located physically in close proximity with signal light. This device is capable of broadcasting three different distinct frequencies, one for each signal color. This device will utilized a low power directional type of signal so that the frequency can be directed to vehicles approaching intersection (target set), and not interrupt vehicles in close proximity to the signal (ignore set).

2. Receiving device: This device will be located physically on subject vehicle, capable of receiving and interpreting the broadcasted signal. For each signal, an audible tone is emitted to motorists to aid in signal interpretation. This device can be a low cost small form factor hardware similar to a radar detector mounted on the windshield of vehicle....