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Peak cut method on Personal Computer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032054D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-21
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Peak cut method on Personal Computer

The consumption of electricity reaches a peak during summertime (July to September) between 1-4 o'clock in the afternoon, and it becomes a problem. In Japan, the year averaged total electric generation corresponds to 55% (1997) of the electrical load factor.

The remaining 45% is generated to account for the power peaks. Furthermore, a trend can be observed in which the peak demand increase every year while the load factor decreases.

By looking at the demand for electrical power during the summer of the year 2001, to a district under the Tokyo Electric Pow a maximum power generation amount was established 3 times. The amount of electricity at peak time shows a remarkable gr For example, in July the 13th, the reserve electric power capacity was only 2350 kW (around 2 electric generators), clearly in According to trial calculations of the (Incorporated Foundation) Energy General Engineering Research

Center, if 1% improvement of the power load factor can be achieved, representing an electric power generation cost of about 140 billion Japanese Yen, the new equipment for the Peak electric generation control will cost around 580 billion yen, and the impact on the environment will be to control the emissions of about 200 to 300 thousands tons of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).

To level the electric power load, all Electric Power Companies are taking the following measures: For a period of 3 years, covering the years 12 to 14 in Heisei era, increase the maximum power shift by a year averaged of m ①Expansion Of Heat Saving System ②Expansion Of Supply and Demand adju...