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mobile out-of-band service management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032059D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-21
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Business rules exception handling using voice recognition

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In small and medium sized business based on professional services a majority of an employee's time is spent managing unexpected, unplanned situations : in project management this is referred to as issue management . Issue management is not predictable, but for each type of professional service there are typical prototypical ways that issues arise and are handled.

    The invention relates to an IT system, primarily accessed through a wireless communication device. A professional uses a wireless telephony device to take verbal notes describing the issue currently being assessed - this verbal note is passed via the mobile network to a voice recognition server, which produces a text version of the spoken note. The text version is scanned for certain keywords which indicate which prototypical issue management mechanism should be applied to the issue - for example invoking legal requirements ("im verzug setzten", "mahnen"), steering committee/oversight requirements (inserts automatically an agenda item into the next steering committee meeting or invokes an extraordinary meeting ), cross check requirements (involvement of arbitration/sachverständiger).

    All issue management actions are tracked, and any deadlines noted in the calendar application of the issue manager, or passed back to him /her via mobile device when a dea...