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Expirable File System (EFS) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032201D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-26
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This article covers the concept of a real expirable file system. This is a unique true-type file system, that integrates with the operating system for a period of time before it expires and is gone.

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Expirable File System (EFS)

Disclosed is an idea for addressing the absence of a user creatable time based file system. Typically, when user applications or programs create space it has to be done within the confines of existing filesystems that are administered by users with root authority. Or additional file systems have to be created by administrators with root authority, and then manually deleted. The drawback is in a demanding environment, users do not have the time to make requests, wait for administrators to set up file systems, or in existing filesystems, space may run out, or the filesystem may not have enough space to do the work needed by the user. Applications can create temporary filesystems and remove them, but the application would have to run with root authority. An additional solution is required for users who request on-demand and in such areas as grid computing, where system time and resources are shared, and where user-based applications do not have root authority, yet require dedicated filesystems for a period of time.

The core idea is to have an expirable file system, that can be generated by a user with or without root authority. After an expiration period the filesystem will be removed. The advantage to this is that users can define the request of how much space is needed, and have an exclusive file system for the work needed to be done, without sharing the resources with other users. A further advantage is that after the expiration period...