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Integration of weather radar into automobile navigational display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032202D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-26
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A method to provide real time weather information utilizing built in automobile navigation systems is described. Freely available radar, precipitation, storm warnings and other weather related data can be presented to the driver via the navigational display.

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Integration of weather radar into automobile navigational display

Most automobiles are available with active navigation systems which provide the ability to display the vehicle's current location. The user can see his/her location on a street map that continually updates with the vehicle motion. What is not provided, however, is the current, or predicted, weather conditions for the area. The driver is unaware if he or she is driving into hazardous weather conditions and has no idea until it is too late.

Navigation systems use the national global positioning satellites to determine current location and then display this information on a map that is stored in a system database. National weather radar information is freely available from the national weather service via the internet. The radar information is available from centers such as Albany NY, Buffalo NY, and NY city and is referenced via zip code or city. The method to collect and display this information is described as follows: the navigation system (which is aware of where the vehicle is currently located) submits the necessary request to the national weather service website via cellular-phone technology. A weather image is retrieved from the website, properly scaled, and then overlayed on top of the current vehicle position street map display. The Figure 1 illustrates this concept with a simulated radar image where the driver can see the ominous weather conditions ahead and make alternate plans.

The radar...